News Update: Eat Now, Pay Never is Live

Every Brand and Marketer has an ongoing Thing or two to tackle when it comes to growth marketing

We solve things by providing a “blogger-first” platform where brands and marketers connect with talented bloggers, utilizing tools and technologies developed to bolster growth.

Specifically by making blogging interactive, social and useful for marketing through the use of software, AI-powered technologies, and automation tools. Brands can accurately target specific audience demographics in their chosen niches by using a combination of AI-powered tools and user-generated content.


77% of internet users report reading blog posts on a regular basis

Is yours one of them?

Are you a Blogger?

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Running a blog?

Give your articles superpowers

Include our AI-powered Article Assistant tool as part of your growth strategy.

  • AI Powered Assistant – Give each of your article its own AI assistant to provide In-article research to your readers.
  • Knowledge Base – The tool reads and uses the content of the article as a knowledge base document, and also source various information from the web to provide in-depth information to readers.
  • Reader Interaction – Your readers can ask article-related questions. The AI assistant conducts web researches and provide information with sources on subject matter right on the article page when readers are engaged.
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Eat Now, Pay Never

This freemium marketing tool enables us to collaborate with restaurants and chefs from all works of life to facilitate and execute precise, targeted marketing campaigns tailored to brands.

We encourage restaurants and chefs alike to partner with us and get high volume of orders coming from our platform members. Various Partnerships with brands allow us to offer our members a freemium service, and in return, allows restaurant and chef partners to receive high volume of orders, making us a premium app for food service/delivery.

So, what's the big idea behind this?


Meet Foodhini

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Brand Marketing Tools

Consumer Focused Marketing

Take the guess work out of your marketing. Launch and Deliver targeted campaigns to an audience waiting to be reached. Our consumer-focused tools and strategies will help you reach your target audience precisely and efficiently. This tools are great for product launch, product/service feedback, subscription, promotions and surveys.

Eat Now, Pay Never


  • Real-time Engagement

    Designed for precision communication, this tool offers an easy way to connect with potential customers on our platform. With its real-time engagement features, you can interact with customers instantly, promoting your products or services more effectively.

  • Real-time Reporting

    Receive detailed reports on your campaign's performance as members engage in real time. These reports provide insights into customer interactions, helping you track engagement metrics, understand user behavior, and optimize your marketing strategies for better results.

  • AI-Powered Insights

    AI-powered insights on your campaign's performance as members engage. These insights provide comprehensive data on customer interactions, helping you track engagement metrics, understand user behavior, and optimize your marketing strategies for better results.

  • Real-time feedback

    Members quickly and easily send their feedback on products or services directly through the platform, ensuring you capture their thoughts when they are most engaged.

Email Conversational Tool.


The Average Open and Click Rates for email marketing are 41.31% and 3.01%, respectively. So much for a communication tool, right? Our analysis suggests there are room for improvement in these metrics. This unique AI-powered tool enables brands to send both transactional and marketing emails, and recipients to engage in inquiries about the email content, brand products, or services by interacting with an AI-powered chatbot embedded within the email body.

    Addressing pain-points by solving these issues:

  • Poor Subject Lines
  • Irrelevant Content
  • Unresponsive Emails
  • List Hygiene Issues
  • Poor Email Design
  • Device Compatibility Issues
  • Misaligned Audience Targeting
  • Lack of Personalization
  • Weak Source
  • Low-Quality Email Content

How this works

  • Step 1

    Register or login to your account via dashboard and launch a 'B2B' or 'B2C' campaign. Upon receiving the order we will begin by meeting with you to understand your goals, target audience, and requirements.

  • Step 2

    We then set up our system to work within your budget, audience, deploy marketing tool, set schedule, and other parameters to launch your campaign effectively.

  • Step 3

    Shortly after your campaign is launched you can track progress in real time within your dashboard.